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Top marketing leaders have smart, creative ideas. They see opportunity in every conversation with customers and sales. They paint big picture images in business stakeholders’ minds, create consensus and excitement and know how to build momentum.They say yes, when others say no.
But increased demands on marketing organizations, competing priorities, tighter budgets and fewer resources are making it near impossible for most marketing leaders to harness the energy needed to be successful at what they do.
We inspire, re-energize and deliver solutions for clients who feel this way every day. Find out how we can help you.


Captivate Communications is a strategic marketing consulting firm that helps legal technology service providers achieve their goals through strategic planning, branding, multi-channel marketing programs and effective communications. We complement existing resources or provide dedicated support. From strategy to execution, we are a results-oriented, creative group that brings together a unique blend of business savvy, legal and technology industry expertise, and experience to every project for every client.


We quickly get smart about your customers, market and products –and create compelling ideas to reach them.


We create crisp, consumer-focused messages that communicate your value and brand promise thru any channel.


We know the utility of good, valuable content, can strategize where and how to use it, and then write appropriately.


We strategically harness the power of social media to raise visibility and amplify your brand.


We drive demand, create awareness and accelerate growth with effective campaigns.


In virtual spaces or in person, we can connect your message with the right audience.



Deep experience developing products, services and marketing strategies for leading legal service providers—plus extensive understanding of key market drivers.


Diverse legal marketing talent including strategists, digital marketers, designers, writers, meeting planners and social media mavens, working closely for you.


Full-service marketing without the overhead for short or long-term engagements—especially those “hard-to-source” projects with simple, affordable pricing.


Results-driven marketing programs achieve your objectives and exceed expectations.


Nicole Carrubba
Nicole Carrubba

Principal and Founder of Captivate Communications

An extensive background in product marketing, project management and product development.

Mary Lyn Koval
Mary Lyn Koval


More than 30 years’ experience in marketing communications and project management.

Jayme Soulati
Jayme Soulati


Broad experience in public relations, social media and marketing to a wide range of clients across industries, including legal.


I hired Nicole on two occasions — once to work on building a community site (which involved everything from UX to member invitations) and once to create an internal communications campaign to engage employees in improving customer experience. In both cases Nicole rolled up her sleeves, created a thoughtful and collaborative workplan and drove to execution in record time. Her work demonstrated a clear understanding of her customer as well as her own creativity to make the programs look and feel more special. The entire team was grateful for her work and leadership and looked to her as a trusted advisor, as did I.

Lisa Baumgarten
Senior Marketer | Strategist – CPG, Data, Technology

I have hired Nicole several times to create and implement marketing plans for my clients’ meetings. She creates multi-media conference marketing strategies that provide maximum reach, drive interest and increase attendance. She is able to work within the confines of limited budgets and has developed strong value propositions and compelling messaging for events. Nicole is effective at lead generation and awareness programs. I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking to effectively market a meeting or conference.

Samantha Bowerman, CMP
Strategic Meetings Group

Nicole is an excellent product marketing resource, with excellent writing skills, ability to manage multi-faceted projects across geographies and deliver excellent product within budget and on time. I would most definitely hire her again.

Denise Reier
President / Founder at ADAGO Marketing LLC

Nicole is rare talent; she has consistently delivered superior results, as well as communicating throughout the entire process. She is fabulous at generating ideas and getting key stakeholders involved and responsive. Don’t hesitate to hire her.

Lucretia Lyons
President, Business Valuation Resources (BVR)

Nicole has taken leadership for our growing line of live events. She’s got a unique background that includes top-tier skills in marketing, event management, negotiations, working with experts, development, and project management, so she’s made it extremely easy for our company to delegate these new projects almost 100%. The results have been better than we budgeted on every project Nicole has run, and everyone who works with her loves her, so she’s kept the morale and energy very high. I recommend her highly in any of these difficult-to-staff areas.

David Foster
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