Our Approach



Our discovery process is a time to explore every thought and idea, to gain an understanding of your goals and objectives — and to make them our own. We ask a lot of questions, collaborate and build relationships and rapport with your team. Great ideas happen.



Your problems are the input to our solutions. After getting to know you and your business challenges, we develop a well-articulated strategy outlining objectives, approach, messaging and budget. We make recommendations AND hear your feedback. Launch a plan you can trust.



Intense planning is executed with proven tactics and deliverables. We tap best practices and select multiple media and communications channels to drive results. Every touch is an opportunity to communicate your powerful message and influence marketing objectives. Tell your best story.



Whenever possible, we track results and demonstrate ROI. We’re flexible and nimble, tweaking deliverables, revising recommendations and executing refined tactics. We deliver quality, and we care about our impact on your business, whether it’s revenue growth, brand awareness or market positioning. You get what we promise.


Your products, our passion, great results

We look for clients and projects that excite and interest us and enjoy variety in the work we do. We thrive on solving clients’ problems and enjoy turning casual conversations and whiteboard ideas into real-life programs, services and solutions. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to solo-prenuers.

Clients have included: Access Data, LexisNexis, American Lawyer Media, DotLaw, Inc., Ansor Software, Gerson Lerhman Group, Morrison & Foerster, FYI Solutions, Henderson Harbor Group, Business Valuation Resources, Beckmill Education, Knewton, Secura Wealth, White & Case, and more.


Who We Serve

We Help Big Businesses With a Startup Approach

Small businesses aren’t the only ones who need outside marketing support. Big businesses rely on us too when they have a great idea for a new product or service but not the marketing resources to make it a reality. All too often, fledgling ideas die on the vine without the marketing power necessary behind them. We give your product or service the launch support needed to help you drive the sales/revenue necessary to catch the attention and prove the value of the new offering.

Big Results for Small Businesses

As big brands harness the power of social media platforms to connect with individual consumers, small businesses are at risk of losing their most powerful competitive advantage — authenticity, service and deep personal relationships. More than ever, they need to compete in a big-business world. But to do so often takes resources beyond the reach of current staff.

Captivate Communications helps small businesses compete, providing access to senior outsourced marketing talent and end-to-end marketing solutions that elevate small businesses and level the playing field. Not only do we help you look bigger and better, we help you BE bigger and better — producing more polished, professional materials with stronger messages, and driving leads and opportunities to grow your business.

Personal Brand Development for Individuals

The lines between online and offline are blurring. That means how you build and maintain a personal brand face-to-face is as critical as how you’re perceived online in the digital world. They are practically one and the same.

Are you prepared with a solid personal brand and digital reputation? Building and managing your personal brand is more complex than just posting updates on LinkedIn or maintaining a professional profile. You’ll need to:

  • Launch social channels and fuel each with content.
  • Tag images of yourself so Google knows who you are from the other guy’s mug shot with your name.
  • Audit and analyze the first pages of search engine results for your name and identity and cultivate it so it grows professionally alongside your career path.

This isn’t something you can do yourself. It takes professionals knowledgeable in SEO, social media and content marketing. Captivate Communications can run that audit for you to analyze the health of your online reputation, and develop and sustain your personal brand in the new digital world.

Meet Our Awesome Team

Captivate Communications brings top talent to your team to challenge, inspire and drive growth — while making life more fun and rewarding for ourselves and our clients. Our mission is your success.


Nicole Carrubba Frein

Principal and Founder

An extensive background in marketing strategy and product marketing, management and development.


Mary Lyn Koval


More than 30 years of experience in marketing communications and project management.


Jayme Soulati


Broad experience in public relations, social media and marketing to a wide range of clients across industries, including legal.

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