We take your vision from whiteboard to reality with strategic marketing solutions

Clients call us seeking help for a specific task to cross off an ever-growing to do list. What they find is a trusted partner who can truly listen — who hears what they are looking for beyond a given project, and offers them what they really need.

We help marketing leaders cut through the noise and distractions by acting as a sounding board to help refine, document and effectively communicate plans. We thoughtfully hear what “think out loud” strategists are saying, and echo back the valuable nuggets and actionable ideas. We generate ideas, shape concepts and elevate strategic conversations to bring your marketing strategy to a new level. Even better, we go beyond strategic planning to execute. Business leaders turn to us, and trust us, with the launches of their products and services. Our go-to-market strategies are sound, effective and work with your available budget.


We craft compelling messages that differentiate and communicate your unique value proposition

Nothing excites us more than understanding new customer segments. We want to get to know your people, your buyers, your competitors, and your products, then do what we love most — develop messaging and positioning. We have a unique ability to not only hear what our clients tell us, but to fundamentally understand who they are and what they need, quickly leveraging that knowledge to generate messaging, ideas and plans that move them towards achieving their goals.


We create content to further your marketing strategy — and further leverage the content you already have

In an online universe where “content is king,” shouldn’t you work with writers who not only have mastery over the written word, but who deeply understand your business and its strategic objectives? We know it’s frustrating to work with writers who seem like they “get it,” only to become a heavy-handed editor sighing in frustration instead of a strategic marketer providing creative direction. Put us at the intersection of your marketing and content creation and let us deliver great copy for the first draft.

We are marketers who understand the utility of good, valuable content, can strategize where and how to use it, and then write appropriately. Our clients leverage our skills for white papers, blog posts, webinar scripts, internal executive communications, launch announcements, email campaigns, web copy and more.


We position and strengthen your brand throughout social media platforms and channels

Used to be that social media was just a numbers game — how many likes and followers could a brand get. Today, however, we’ve advanced well beyond the numbers to a content quality and context strategy model. How well do you know your audience and what they need or are asking for? “Conversation research” is the new normal — where you listen to real-time conversation about your subject matter, company and competition to identify trends before they happen.

To get there from here, put our hands-on knowledge and years of  experience to work to help develop a strategy that blends your public relations, event and communications strategy and your marketing messages with your thought leadership.We’ll analyze your existing social media presence; recommend a more thoughtful approach to engagement; identify what your audience is chatting about; and develop a strategy that will earn you improved brand identity on the channels that impact you the most — all in keeping with the business strategy you’ve approved.


We drive demand, generate leads and accelerate growth through effective campaigns

- By 2018 business users are expected to send and receive on average 140 emails per day.*
- There are more than 3 million company pages on LinkedIn, and 81% of B2B marketers are using LinkedIn to launch products.**

If you want to generate leads, develop your pipeline and attract potential clients, cutting through the digital noise from your competition requires smart, sophisticated campaigns that drive value and demonstrate thought leadership. From strategy and message to design and delivery, print or digital, we have the lead-generation know-how to help you maximize every touchpoint with prospects and clients to drive new growth.

* Email Statistics Report, 2014-2018, The Radicati Group, Inc.
** https://socialpilot.co/blog/125-amazing-social-media-statistics-know-2016/


We connect your message with the right audience in person or in virtual spaces

Go beyond the sales call or product pitch by creating compelling events for customers and potential clients where you can build relationships, establish trust and demonstrate thought leadership. Buyers today want to connect with brands in more meaningful ways.  Events such as webinars, user group summits and content-rich seminars give companies a unique opportunity to connect with their target market in relevant and memorable ways.

If event marketing is not currently part of your lead-generation mix, or if you’re not leveraging events as well as you think you should be, we can help your business develop an event marketing strategy.  We develop content, attract attendees, recruit speakers, create awareness and help you capture client and customer interactions during your event for post-event marketing.


Marketers Who “Get It” — And Get You Results

A Passion for Product Marketing
Our seasoned team of experienced product marketers is here to help run your product launches, ensuring your sales teams understand how to talk about your products and that your customers know how to use them.

Got a New Product to Launch?
Let us do the marketing strategy, product positioning, messaging and go-to-market plan. We translate internal “IT speak” into customer focused messages and benefits that best convey your product’s value to drive opportunities and sales.

Need to Build Excitement for Your Product?
We can manage your sales enablement from training to internal communications and launch announcements, driving demand and adoption of your product through successful and interesting campaigns, webinars and social media activity, and executing a marketing strategy designed to ensure its success.

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